Madzimudzangara Cave
Madzimudzangara cave.JPG

Madzimudzangara Cave' is a cave that has some fine rock art.The paintings are so thickly painted it is quite difficult to disentangle them. Unfortunately, many of the paintings are hardly distinguishable due to the mineral salts that have leached from the rock and their proximity to the road means they have been vandalized with charcoal writing and fires.

Why Visit

Very easy access, just 80 metres from the old strip road from Mutoko to Murehwa. If people need a reminder that the rock art is deteriorating through both natural factors and the action of man, then this cave provides the evidence. Set in an outstanding natural shelter, the paintings are now a mere shadow of what they were and efforts need to be made to record them before they are gone forever.

How to get there

From Harare take the A2 towards 143 KM to Mutoko. Just 0.63 KM from Mutoko town turnoff, the old strip road joins from the left. Distances are from the A2 / old strip road intersection: Take the old strip road heading west back to Harare, 13.3 KM park in front of some shops on the left of the road. The cave is 400 metres south-west of the shops amongst large boulders visible from the road. Zimbabwe Caves And Rock Paintings