Maggikal, Shelton Tutani, Zimdancehall, Unoda Zvinhu
Background information
Birth nameShelton Tutani
Occupation(s)Zimdancehall Artist, Songwriter

Maggikal, is a Zimdancehall artist. Maggikal is popularly known for songs that include Unoda Zvinhu and Waita Mudiki, ft Freeman. In February 2015, Maggikal was nominated for an award in the Zimdancehall Awards 2014.


Maggikal was born Shelton Tutani.


Maggikal's music career took off with the release of his hit single titled "unoda zvinhu" which received widespread airplay on most radio stations. Since then Maggikal has gone on to release other tracks which were received very well by the Zimdancehall fraternity. He is affiliated to Dangerzone Records and is managed by Donald Mapfumo.[1]


  • Unoda Zvinhu

Waita mudiki ft Freeman


Maggikal video
Maggikal video

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