Magura Charumbira was Bulawayo district youth league leader for the Zanu-PF party it was alleged that he was linked to the Lacoste ,Zanu-PF Faction .He died on the 8th of January 2018.Charumbira was also accused of Booing the then first lady Grace Mugabe at the Zanu-pf-Youth Interface rally at the white city stadium in Bulawayo.

Hunted by the police

Police launched a manhunt for Charumbira in connection with the booing of Grace Mugabe.[1]

Turning himself into the police

He handed himself over at the Bulawayo Central Police Station.Charumbira’s move came about when police embarked on a manhunt, after he was alleged to have gone into hiding following the white city stadium incident.

Court appearance

Charumbira and 3 others were accused of booing Grace Mugabe they were charged with undermining the authority of the President .The quartet with others allegedly sang the song ‘Into oyenzayo siyayizonda’ (We hate what you are doing) at White City Stadium when Grace Mugabe was addressing the gathering. The prosecutor alleged that the accused made hand gestures as they booed Grace Mugabe.


It was alleged that Magura Charumbira ordered informal traders to pay $2 protection fees to the ruling party to avoid being harassed by municipal police during the blitz against illegal vendors.


Charumbira passed on after he was involved in a road traffic accident near Norton earlier on (Monday) 8 January 2018. Charumbira died after the car he was travelling in crashed into a stationary haulage truck along the Harare-Bulawayo Road near the Norton tollgate. The Chronicle reports that Charamba was on his way to Harare.[2]


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