Mai Chisamba Show
Mai Chisamba Show Logo.jpg
GenreSocial & Culture
Created byRebecca Chisamba
Theme music composerLouis Mhlanga
Country of originZimbabwe
Original language(s)Shona
Running time1 hour
Production company(s)Chisamba Productions and Media Consultancy
DistributorZBC TV
Original channelZBC TV Channel 1
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Mai Chisamba Show is TV talk show that airs on Zimbabwe's ZBC TV channel. The show is hosted by Rebecca Chisamba, also known as Mai Chisamba. The show is named after her. The talk show is an independent production by Chisamba Productions and Media Consultancy.

Show Content

The show lists as it's objective the promotion of local languages and culture. The show features the host interviewing a panel of experts in front of a studio audience which is given an opportunity to participate by asking questions or providing their own views. Mai Chisamba also hosts celebrities on the show, especially those in the arts sector.

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  • The show has used Louis Mhlanga's Distant lover as a soundtrack since inception to date.
  • In 2012, there were reports in the media that the host, Mai Chisamba, was involved in an extra-marital affair with Anglican bishop, Nolbert Kunonga, but this was dismissed by both herself and her husband, Arnold Chisamba.