Mai Patai
Mai Patai.jpg
BornRespina Patai
  • Musician
OrganizationVoice of Prophecy
Known forBeing a Gospel Musician
Spouse(s)Ephraim Patai

Mai Patai is a Zimbabwean gospel musician known for her track Mazambara. She is known for singing with her husband Ephraim Patai who led the group Voice of Prophecy.

Personal Life

Mai Patai's upbringing was painful. She did not think she would be someone with a decent life. She says that she would have laughed her lungs out if someone had suggested that she would be famous. She was surrounded by a dark mist in her childhood. Her parents divorced when she was young. She started living with her stepmother and the situation became very difficult and tense. She stopped going to school due to bad living conditions. She recalled that her father could take care of them because he was a technical engineer at Juke Box Music, but their new mother did not want her to attend school. She dropped out of school when she was in Form Two to look for menial jobs as she hoped to take care of herself. She kept going to church and praying for deliverance from the pit of poverty. The answer came in the form of a boyfriend called Ephraim. She was married at the age 16 because her husband (boyfriend then) was her only hope and she had to be with him.[1]


Mai Patai attained a diploma in counselling and a certificate in theology. She pursued a diploma in pastoral Theology at Living Waters Theological Seminary at (Azusa Campus BYO).[2]


For her all thanks are directed to the Almighty who made her meet an understanding boyfriend, now her husband, who understood her situation at the time. He is the one who encouraged her to pursue her career as an artiste. He had discovered her singing talent at church where they met. She joined her husband’s group as a backing vocalist and in 2002 he gave her a chance to do lead vocals. That resulted in the making of ‘Mazambara’.

She made history by becoming the first woman to be in top three of Radio Zimbabwe Coca-Cola Top 50 charts. Her song “Anokomborera” was on number three while her other track “Ndinodaira” was on ninth position. Both songs are from her 2018 album “Punish the Devil”. To top up her achievements for 2018, Mai Patai received an award for the Best Woman in Business (in the arts sector) for Midlands Province. Despite the difficulties that she faced as she grew up, Mai Patai thanks her father for exposing her to music when she was a young girl.

As the song “Mazambara” shook the music industry, many sought to know the lady behind the silky voice. And she availed herself in a big way at Nguva Yakwana Explosion at the Harare International Conference Centre in 2002. The popular annual concert had names like Ivy Kombo and her South African friends Vuyo Mokoena, Buhle Nhlangulela and Lundi Tyamara. By comparison, Mai Patai was among the novices of the event but she turned tables with a performance that broke a new ground in her career. The following Monday, one newspaper headline screamed: “Mai Patai steals the show at Nguva Yakwana”. Indeed, she had stolen the show. A little-known singer overshadowing the big horses of the race — it should have been a miracle.[1]


  • Makanaka
  • Samulena
  • Punish the Devil

Those with her husband Ephraim Takawira Patai

  • Rumbidzwai with hit song 'Mazambara'
  • Mabhiravira
  • Mbiri Kunashe


  • People's Choice Award (NAMA)
  • Midlands 2018 Women in Business Award ( Arts Sector)
  • Coca Cola Top 50 Award (First woman to be in the Top 3 of the Coca Cola top 50)


She is also into farming and poultry. She helps her husband run his business E and R Transport Logistics.


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