Makumbe Cave

Makumbe Cave is an immense cave, which is 100 metres wide by 30 metres deep contains the richest display of rock art in Zimbabwe

why Visit

A good example of how easily this precious and unique rock art is destroyed. Makumbe Cave is now completely ruined with smoke damage; once considered one of the best sites in Zimbabwe and used by Elizabeth Goodall for creating a stratigraphy of art styles for dating rock art – this technique is no longer used. This National Monument should be delisted as the rock art is no longer visible. Visit for the good views over Makumbe Mission and Chinamora communal lands. Lower Makumbe cave is easily accessed from Makumbe Cave, although the rock art has faded over time and comprises mostly sable antelope and some human figures.

How to get here: Leave Harare on the Borrowdale Road, distances are from Borrowdale police station, 13.4 KM the road crosses a grid and enters the Chinamora Communal Lands, 16.3 KM pass the signpost to Domboshava National Monument, 26.6 KM pass the signpost to Ngomakurira National Monument, 29.9 KM turn left onto the gravel road. Makumbe Cave is set directly below the conspicuous cross at the summit of the hill facing north-east approached by a steep footpath. Travel 0.93 KM and turn left onto a farm track. Take the main footpath which leads up the hill just to the left of Makumbe cave.

Alternately turn left off the tar road 800 metres before the Ngomakurira turnoff onto a track signposted Rescue Store and bar. Go 600 metres to the shops, continuing straight on and turn right onto a track a further 100 metres on. This rough road continues across streams and up the back of Makumbe hill 4.5 KM before reaching the booster tower and cross almost directly above Makumbe Cave. High clearance vehicle recommended. Zimbabwe Caves And Rock Paintings