Malvern Dondo was the Kadoma Town clerk in 2007, and was still Town Clerk after threats of being fired in 2015 over allegations of corruption and cover up, criticism for dubious road deals by Kadoma councillors in July 2018, employee calls for his ouster in September 2018, citizens rejection of his budget in July 2018, failure to collect debt, and many complaints of poor to no service delivery. There have been no reports of his suspension up until 2020. In March 2020, he was still the Town Clerk when a further workers demonstration occurred against him and his salary and allowances.

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2007 – 2020 – Kadoma Town Clerk


In 2007, Kadoma municipality revealed, in an interview with Malvern Dondo the Town Clerk, it had serviced 67 industrial and commercial stands, which are ready for sale, in a bid to expand the industrial sector and lure investors to the town. There are 31 commercial stands, 33 industrial stands and three for high-rise residential flats. [1]

In January 2015, Mashonaland West Provincial Affairs minister Faber Chidarikire and provincial administrator (PA) Christopher Shumba made an unannounced visit to the city. They witnessed pothole-riddled roads, overflowing raw sewage, dry water taps, uncollected garbage and the squalor under which some residents were living. The tour took the delegation to Rimuka, Ingezi and the central business district. The surprise visit by Chidarikire and Shumba comes amid allegations of gross looting of council funds by top managers under the guise of travel and subsistence allowances. Also, the management led by Malvern Dondo, who is currently on leave, recently bought itself top-of-the-range Ford Rangers.

Chidarikire said, “We want leaders who are committed to serving communities so they live better lives in clean environments. How do you expect residents to be forthcoming in paying rates when there is no service delivery? We should see change between today (Wednesday) and next week when we return. “If you can’t, then resign or you will be fired.”

“All indicators are there that the local authority is sinking. We are told there is no money to collect refuse and pay workers’ salaries yet there is money from the same council to buy top managers luxurious vehicles on council-guaranteed loans. If heads under you (Mayor Muchineripi Chinyanganya) can’t roll, I should take it that you are the candidate who should roll.

Acting town clerk Willard Mangwengwende, who is the substantive chamber secretary, and housing director Gear Hanyani were the only present senior managers to bear the onslaught as the rest were reportedly away. There was brief drama when an audit team brought at the behest of the PA was denied access to records pertaining to senior managers’ travel and subsistence allowances by an expenditure accountant only identified as Chifamba.

Meanwhile, sources said a crisis meeting of councillors and management has been scheduled for today with Dondo’s imminent suspension high on the agenda. [2]

At the end of December 2017, the debt owed to Kadoma by residents and other ratepayers was $33 million. By 31 March 2018 it had increased to $40,2 million. In an interview, Kadoma town clerk Mr Malvern Dondo expressed concern over the rising debt. “Council is owed $40 245 757 including land sales. If we remove land sales, the debt stands at $36 657 631, broken down as follows; residents, $15 686 386, commercial, $19 578 201 and institutional, $1 393 044 as at March 31, 2018”. Last year we offered a 40 percent discount on those whose accounts that were up to date and a sizeable number of residents, corporate and other institutions took advantage of the discount to clear their arrears,” he said. [3]

In August 2018, he was rapped for complacency, over a $1 million road rehabilitation project, supposed to have been finished 30 October. Exodus Company, the contractor, ‘despite having the required resources’, is working at ‘a snail’s pace’, and the deadline is impossible given the delays so far. In 2017, we had similar excuses.

Infuriated councillors allege that history was repeating itself, as a similar thing happened last year when another contracted firm ended up doing a shoddy job. Ex-Councillor Langton Mabhanga accused Mr Dondo for awarding tenders to suspicious companies. Ex-Councillor Luka Phiri also raised the red flag suggesting that council should give the firm new roads to work on. [4]

In September 2018, the Town Clerk was further criticised. Junior employees accused Malvern Dondo of gross looting of council funds together with top managers under the guise of travel and subsistence allowances while workers are wallowing in abject poverty. He is also blamed for covering up corruption of senior managers over the years. We havent received our bonuses since 2015. We don’t have protective clothing yet they spend nearly $50 000 on travelling allowances per manager. “Dondo has no place in the new dispensation he was appointed on nepotism grounds by former local government minister Ignatious Chombo. Dondo is not new to controversy as in January 2015 central government gave Kadoma City Council management a week-long ultimatum to enforce best corporate governance systems and improve general service delivery or risk being fired. This was after Mashonaland West Provincial Affairs minister Faber Chidarikire and provincial administrator (PA) Christopher Shumba made an unannounced visit (see above) to the city where they witnessed first-hand the pothole-riddled roads, overflowing raw sewage, dry water taps, uncollected garbage and the squalor under which some residents were living. [5]

In July, 2019, Kadoma residents petitioned their municipality to stop plans to increase rates. Two reasons were cited:

  • Service delivery is wanting in terms of availability of water and sewerage. Roads also need rehabilitation.
  • Government as the majority employer has not increased salaries.

Last Mbire, who presented the petition on behalf of the residents, said workers have not had a salary increase in a long time. [6]

In March 2020, Kadoma City Council workers again stopped work to demonstrat against management’s decision to connive and peg its education allowances at $13 000 while the general employees are getting $380. The workers are demanding the immediate ouster of the town clerk Malvern Dondo who is accused of pocketing a hefty salary of about $30 000 while the least paid worker is getting $779. Armed police and the canine section were called to disperse the workers. It is understood there was a workers’ committee meeting held where management proposed to give workers a $300 ‘cushion allowance’, but the offer was turned down. [7]

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