Mambo Press is a Zimbabwean publishing house and communication centre.


Mambo Press formerly known as The Catholic Mission Press, was established in 1957 when Brother Michael Zwyssig and his team of builders erected the first workshops and staff quarters. The Catholic Mission Press opened on February 2, 1958 and Father D. Monico took charge of it. He was succeeded by Father A. Loetscher who started the monthly newspaper MOTO. In 1962, Father Michael Traber became director of the press.

The Catholic Mission Press changed its name to Mambo in 1963 which showed it was no longer concerned with only catholic/religious literature. Father Traber enabled Mambo to develop into a publishing house and communication centre.


In 2015, Mambo started selling its books online through a virtual shop on The publisher based in Gweru, once had shops in Harare and Bulawayo.


Mambo Press produced Rhodesia now Zimbabwe's first full length feature films in Shona. The topic of the first film Mbiri ya Baba (1965) was the priesthood. The second, Vatete Vangu (19680 unfolds the story of a vocation to the siterhood.