Manemba Cave

Manemba Cave is a national monument in Mashonaland East Province which has some fine historic rock art paintings.

Why Visit

Although this cave is more remote, the effort is worth the effort as the paintings in this cave are in particularly good condition. Few salts have leached through the granite and the paint is bright and fresh. There are a number of scenes suggestive of trance including “mother goddesses” and “arrows of sickness” and reclining figures and many of the animals have been enhanced in white symbolizing potency.

How to get here

From Harare take the A2 towards 143 KM to Mutoko. 4WD not required in the dry season, but high clearance recommended. Just 0.63 KM from Mutoko town turnoff, the old strip rod joins from the left. Distances are from the A2 / old strip road intersection: Take the old strip road heading west back to Harare, 13.3 KM pass Madzimudzangara cave site, 16.04 KM turn right onto the gravel road where a large quarried stone sign says “Adriatic Stone (Pvt) Ltd, Shena quarries” 16.26 KM take the right fork heading for Manemba hill visible directly to the north. 18.02 KM bear left to go around the west side of Manemba Hill, 19.81 KM the road runs on the east side on the school, 20.14 Km keep right on the main road along the west side of Manemba Hill. 21.36 KM at some local shops turn right and follow a farm track towards Manemba Hill, stay on the main track as it heads east with Manemba Hill approaching closer. 23.11 KM turn into the small farm of Davison Gwenambira. Suggest you leave the vehicle here and ask Davison to guide you by foot the remaining 800 metres to the cave which is the higher of the two clefts in the rock visible on the Hill. The climb is at times reasonably steep, but not difficult. Zimbabwe Caves And Rock Paintings