Mapula 'Meiki' Khune

Mapula Khune popularly known as Meiki was the sister of Itumeleng Khune. She was burnt beyond recognition on 4 March 2021 aged 27.


According to the Ventersdorp Police, an inquest docket was opened to investigate the passing of Mapula, popularly known as Meiki.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Vensterdorp Police spokeswoman said they were waiting for postmortem and forensic reports in order to understand what really happened at a house in Tshing, Extension 2 where Mapula's room was burned down to ashes.

An informant told Daily Sun that Khune's sister was allegedly attacked by an intruder at her grandmother's house. The intruder ultimately burned down the room where she was.

The informant said it was not clear if she Mapula Khune was raped before being killed or not.

The informant said:

"It is not the main house that was burnt down, but an outdoor room where Mapula was sleeping. The incident happened at their grandmother's house in Venterdorp in the wee hours of Thursday morning. People called the police around 4 to 5am when they realised the room was on fire. When the police arrived, she was burned beyond recognition. The family is now waiting for the postmortem."



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