Mark Dube (Joshua Misihairambwe) was an early nationalist, trade unionist, youth activist and fighter from 1972. He was elected to the House of Assembly in 1980. Joshua Misihairambwe was Chimurenga name.

Personal Details

Born: 3 April 1935, Essexvale. [1]
Married: 1969. Married: young guerrilla fighter in Mozambique. One child.

School / Education

Longfield School, Essexvale, then Nkulumane Government School in Bulawayo.

Service / Career

1956 - moved to Mashonaland. Became involved with Trade Union activists. 1959, sets up branch of Hotel Catering Worker's Union. 1960 - arrested. Prison with political activists, including Enos Nkala.

Formation of Zanu

Was at Enos Nkala’s house in Highfield on 8 August 1963, at 2 pm, when Zanu was formed.

Fort Victoria Sabotage

Arrested in 1964, following the blowing up of a locomotive in Fort Victoria (Masvingo) - sabotage done by a group of youth, trained in Ghana, including Solomon Gomo, Fabian Shoniwa, Emmerson Mnangagwa, Mathius Maloba, and Jimmy Munyavanhu.

This group was lodged at his house (he was the area youth activist), while he was sent to Nuanetsi. After the explosion, the group vanished, and the police arrested him and searched his house. He spent 90 days in detention in Wha Wha. [1]

Released, 1965.

External fighter

1972, left to join ZANLA. Sent to Mgagao Camp, Tanzania. Made officer, and part of Mgagao General Staff. Experienced delays due to détente exercise and death of Herbert Chitepo. Engaged in talks with Ndabaningi Sithole, ousted Zanu leader, who wanted to end military aspect of the struggle, while he remained firmly in the pro-military struggle group.

Engaged in 1974/75 efforts with Frelimo to use Mozambique for transit of military groups. Given permission, but had to work with ZAPU/ZIPRA. Moved to Tete (and Tembwe Camp) in 1975. ZAPU fails to join struggle from Mozambique.

1978 – promoted to Zanu Central Committee.
1980 - Part of Ceasefire Commission.
1980 – won Zanu PF seat to House of Assembly for Manicaland Province, as Joshua Mishairambwe.
January 1981 – Deputy Minister of Natural Resource and Water Development. Resumed name of Mark Dube.


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