Marko Sibanda

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Marko Sibanda was a Zimbabwean musician and liberation war fighter. Sibanda was a member of the Kasongo Band before forming his own band Insiza Brothers. He is known for his hit songs Matsotsi Haagerane and Jambanja PaHotera which showcase his story telling prowess. The songs had a humorous side but commented on social issues such as infidelity. He is also known for his collaborations with Cde Chinx.


Sibanda was born in Insiza in 1958. At the time of his death Sibanda survived by his wife and three children; Admire, Ansen, Sharlene.


Sibanda was a member of Kasongo Band.[1] He later left to form his own group, Insiza Brothers. He recorded his first solo album, Matsotsi Haagerane, in 1996, which became an instant hit. He recorded at least seven albums with his group Insiza Brothers including Gudo naMurehwa, Tsoka Yangu, Jambanja and Ndadzoka.

During the land reform programme, Cde Chinx and Sibanda joined forces with the Police Band and released the album Hondo Yeminda.[2]


  • Matsotsi Haagerane
  • Jambanja
  • Gudo naMurehwa
  • Tsoka Yangu
  • Ndadzoka
  • Hondo Yeminda with Cde Chinx and the Police Band