Skin Disease

Marry's former husband Constantino Chiwenga opened up on the complexion of his and her skin. A section of Zimbabweans had speculated that the two were applying skin lightening creams.

Chiwenga said the skin disease called nhuta in Shona, could not be treated by medical professionals in South Africa where samples had been taken.

He said the ailment started when he together with other securocrats launched Operation Restore Legacy. He said:

It was during that time that I fell ill. I had this skin sickness (nhuta) that affected my whole body from beneath my feet to my back and the journalists started saying I was using skin lightening creams, but that was not the case. I was sick.

Chiwenga said the disease also affected Marry. When he revealed details of the ailment he implied that he had been bewitched for spearheading the ouster of Robert Mugabe. He said:

I have decided to talk about it because that is what you see, but you should know that everything that happens comes with a price.

His late sister Margaret approached Sister Redemptor (Roman Catholic nun) and was given herbs which helped treat the ailment. Chiwenga said:

It was then that my (late) sister Margaret approached Sister Redemptor (Roman Catholic nun) and was given herbs that I began taking until I was healed. But before I took the medication they also prayed for me. This is what had affected me and had also affected my wife.


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Swollen Hands

George Charamba said Marry had swollen hands because of injuries she sustained from a bomb blast at White City Stadium, Bulawayo on June 23, 2018, at a rally that was addressed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa. She was hospitalized and discharged thereafter.

Charamba said the swollen hands were a result of deep lesions right to the bone that were beginning to gather pus leading to swelling of hands.

He said doctors in South Africa cleaned her hands lesion by lesion. He said,

The wife is doing very well. After the Bulawayo bombing incident, apparently she had some deep lesions right to the bone and they were beginning to gather pus leading to swelling of hands. Literally, they (doctors) were cleaning lesion-by-lesion until vagadzira ruoko rwacho rwese. She is still swollen but the swelling is beginning to subside now. It was a very bright day I must say and all they need is to sufficient rest before they get back to the heavy tasks and duties of public office.


Marry said she was billed to undergo an operation over an undisclosed condition that she suffered following the bombing incident. She failed to get operated on because her passport was not released. Speaking to NewsDay she said,

Everyone, who got injured that time is receiving medical attention outside the country, including him (Chiwenga), but I can’t because they can’t release my passport. They want me dead and are using every trick in the book. I only pray to God that I get healed. I am in pain.


Marry Mubaiwa's injury on right arm

A medical affidavit availed in court said Marry had swelling on both her upper and lower limbs.

It also stated that she was suffering from a fever and had difficulties in breathing.

The affidavit further asserted she had a wound on her left forearm tender measuring 10cm in length and 5cm in width and a wound on the right forearm measuring 8cm by 5cm.

Marry Mubaiwa complained of having flashbacks, lack of sleep, and losing weight.[4]

Ambulance Court Appearance

On 30 November 2020, Marry Mubaiwa was brought to court in an ambulance.

She was carried into the building on a stretcher and then pushed into the courtroom on a wheelchair while on intravenous injection.

This was after a warrant of arrest was issued against her for failing to attend a court remand hearing on charges of attempted murder and externalising foreign currency.[5]


The swelling of Marry's hands and legs was confirmed as a severe case of lymphoedema.[6]