Date: 28 July 2014
Location: Masvingo- Beitbridge Highway, 206 km peg
Involved: Muneri Tours Commuter Omnibus and UD truck
Deaths: 20
Injuries: 9 injured
Cause of accident: Masvingo-bound UD truck encroached into lane of commuter causing head-on collision

Masvingo Beitbridge Commuter Bus Crush (28 July 2014)
Wreckage of the Commuter Bus
Wreckage of the Commuter Omnibus After the Accident
Date 28 July 2014
Location Masvingo- Beitbridge Highway, 206km peg
Country Zimbabwe
Bus operator Muneri Tours
Cause speeding
Deaths 20
Injuries 9
Damage damaged

Accident Summary

Accident Details

Twenty passengers died when a commuter omnibus they were travelling in was involved in a ahead on collision with a truck along the Masvingo- Beitbridge High which is known for its highly fatal accidents.[1] The crush occured near Bubi River along the Masvingo-Beitbridge highway.[1] According to ZRP Masvingo Province, the driver of the truck that was travelling towards Masvingo encroached into the lane of the Muneri Tours commuter bus that was travelling towards Beitbridge resulting in the head on collision.[1] 12 of the injured were taken to Neshuro District Hospital where one died, while the occupants of the Hino truck were ferried to Beitbridge Hospital.[1]


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