Matenda Madzoke

Matenda Titos Madzoke is a politician and the former Kwekwe mayor. Arguably one of the most dedicated mayors ever, Madzoke rose to national stardom after he turned down a worth mayoral entitlements including US$68 000 vehicle and house claiming service provision was his first priority. Madzoke also proved his dedication by cycling to work.


Madzoke was born in Gutu and raised in Kwekwe. He did his secondary education at Dewure High School. Upon completion, he enrolled at Bulawayo Polytechnic where he studied Electrical Engineering.


He is affiliated to the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF).

Claim to Fame

Madzoke made headlines in December 2013 after he refused to accept a brand new Isuzu KB D-Teq twin cab vehicle which was entitled to him. The council had already paid $38,000 for the vehicle, but the Madzoke, asked the council to revert the money to purchase a refuse truck instead . He was qouted as saying: I’m not going to be driving a brand new expensive vehicle on roads with potholes which are littered with heaps of uncollected refuse and call myself a Mayor. I was put into office to ensure service delivery and that is going to be my first priority.[1] To prove his claims, the humble mayor was seen cycling around the city on official business. He would make brief stops to interact with captains of industry and business people to familiarise himself with their operations. Madzoke went on to move into the mayoral mansion, preferring to remain at his family home.[2] Allegedly earning a paltry US$260, Madzoke was likened to Uruguay’s President Jose Mujica.


Madzoke is also a successful farmer who owns a 50-hectare piece. Specialising in soya beans and maize, Madzoke employs about 139 people. He s also involed in livestock farming 55 cows, 48 goats and 100 chicken layers.[3] Apart from farming, he also own Birdale Electrical Services, a company that conducts electrical, refrigeration and plumbing work. On my spare time I go to church, run my business and travel to my farm once every day.


When he assumed office Madzoke facilitated Kwekwe to win two awards at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF). The city came out on pole position for the city with best treated water. The second was awarded for its initiative to repair roads using locally generated resources.

Against Corruption

Madzoke has also made a stance against corruption. In March 2014, the mayor blocked Kwekwe Town Council Clerk Emmanuel Musara's attempted to buy himself a Chevrolet worth over $200,000. Madzoke refused to sign the authorisation documents together with his Councillors.[4]


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