Mavambo.Kusile.Dawn is a Zimbabwean political party founded by former Zanu-PF member, Simba Makoni. The party was founded in 2008 and has contested in 2 presidential elections so far.


  • A stable, peaceful, united, progressive and developed Zimbabwe, where rights and freedoms of all citizens are respected and protected.
  • A party of constant renewal, inclusion, tolerance, transparency and accountability.


  • to mobilize the nation to share and realise our vision.
  • to position M.K.D to become the party of choice that will appeal to all Zimbabweans.


To create an open accessible, accountable, responsible and responsive governance system that:

  • provides genuine empowerment;
  • is caring and compassionate; and
  • provides equity and fairness for all Zimbabweans, regardless of region, ethnicity, religion, gender, race, class, disability and age.


  • A democratic non-racial party and country, promoting the welfare of all citizens.
  • The supremacy of and respect for the Constitution and laws of Zimbabwe.
  • The separation of legislative, executive and judicial powers, while engendering effective co-operation between them.
  • Clear division between the office bearers, functions, institutions and resources of political parties and those of the State.
  • Representative, responsive and accountable government chosen through regular, peaceful, free and fair elections.
  • Guarantee of the rights of all citizens of Zimbabwe resident outside the country to participate in national affairs, including elections.
  • Decentralisation of government authority and responsibility to as close as possible to the people it is expected to serve.
  • Respect for all legitimate rights, including religious and cultural rights, of individuals, associations and communities within a secular state.
  • The right to work, the dignity of work and work ethics.
  • The right of all people to property and assets in a regulated market economy with protection for vulnerable groups.
  • Improvement in the quality of life of all Zimbabweans through increased access to housing, health, education and the protection of all people from crime and violence.
  • Balanced national development, with attention to regional and rural development.
  • Protection and enhancement of the quality of the physical environment and natural resource base.


  • Servant Leadership
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Ethics, Equity and Fairness
  • Competence, Entrepreneurship and Meritocracy
  • Democracy, Diversity and Tolerance
  • Patriotism, National Participation and Representation


  • Participate in the constitutional and electoral processes of the country.
  • Influence national legislation and policies.
  • Win elections and execute the policies and programmes of the party.
  • Redefine the role of government and leadership to incorporate the values and principles of service to the people, competency, accountability, transparency and respect for the rule of law.
  • Advance leadership as a convening authority that diligently listens to all its people and accommodates, coordinates and respects diversity of ideas.
  • Promote respect for the basic freedoms of speech, assembly, association and choice.
  • Promote the free flow of information, freedom of the media, democratic dialogue and a vibrant well-informed society.
  • Promote citizenship rights and duties through adherence to the Zimbabwe Bill of Rights, the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and other Conventions and Covenants on Human Rights.
  • Vigorously combat corruption and pave the way for good and responsible government and ethical business and social practices.
  • Advocate for a competent, efficient and non-partisan civil service, including the security sector, which will serve the interests of all Zimbabweans.
  • Promote the harnessing and utilisation of the natural resources to meet national needs.
  • Formulate and implement a rational and secure land tenure system to encourage stability and equitable development.
  • Mobilise the nation’s skills and intellectual resources.
  • Create meaningful opportunities that reward talent, innovation, skill, expertise and creativity and facilitate individuals, families and communities to work towards self-reliance.
  • Increase the contribution of art, science and technology in the development of all sectors of the economy and society.
  • Increase investment in the education and health of the people of Zimbabwe for stability and prosperity.
  • Affirm the development role of the state.
  • Promote the private sector as the primary engine of growth and economic development.
  • Encourage domestic and foreign investment.

Notable Members