The Mavhuradonha Wilderness Eco-Camp is one of the Small World Lodge camps, on the Zambezi Escarpment, near the towns of Guruve and Centenary. It lies in the Mavuradonha Wilderness area, which covers approximately 600km² of wild and rugged country along the Zambezi Escarpment. It is a sight comprising rich biodiversity - a total checklist of 229 bird species, and 41 species of large and medium sized mammals. It it was declared a protected area by the Muzarabani Rural District Council in 1988.


See Low End Guide.

Contacts and Location (Oct 2021)

Address/ physical: Muzarabani, Mashonaland Central Province.
Address / booking: 25 Ridge Road, Avondale Harare.
Telephone: +263 77 698 6381
Skype / Whatever:

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Small World properties have a wide range of capacities, and can occupy small groups of thirty to large groups of over a hundred guests. They are clean and well maintained facilities designed to make guests feel safe and comfortable.

What is there. Starting from the $10 spots! Camp sites, rooms, lodges (definition?), cottages, bashas, A frames…, power points at camp sites? Cooking, fridge/freezer. Ablutions.


Activity U-17yrs Adults
Hiking trails $ 3 $ 5
Waterfall dipping $ 2 $ 4
Communal area tour $ 3 $ 4
Heritage sight-seeing $2 $ 3

Hiking trails

The trail crosses paths with those used by Elephants on their way to the Musengezi watering hole, so elephant may be seen. Possible elephant spoor identification, scat identification, and information on the elephant population of Muzarabani and contribution to the Zimbabwe elephant population, their importance to the community and the ecosystem at large.
- The hike to the Eagles Crag via the Mafura-Nzou trail takes about 3-4hours to and from the view point*

  • Waterfall dipping

The eye catching Sohwe Falls provide a magnificent view of the valley. Sohwe has an UPPER and LOWER fall, with the lower falls offering a refreshing environment which can be used for picnics, swimming and soul healing through meditation.
- There are two options to get to the falls which are taking a vehicle ride or go on foot using the Alpha dirt road trail that is marked by white paint on the right hand side of the trail.

  • Communal area tour

The tour to the local community allows one to interact with the Mavhuradonha locals, experience their day to day activities and their way of life. Local culture is also explored during this tour (DANDANDA dance at the camp bonfire).

  • Heritage sight-seeing

This tour is the first of its kind in the Muzarabani area. It is designed at showcasing the rich history of the Muzarabani society that dates back to the roots of Zimbabwe during the era of adventurous Moyo ruler Nyatsimba Mutota who was a descendant of the Mutapa Dynasty. The tour also aims at impacting the indigenous knowledge system upon the young minds, showcasing heritage structures, trees and rivers and their importance importance and history.

Area attractions