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'Maynard Manyowa is a Zimbabwean journalist, entrepreneur and spokesperson of Malawian religious leader Shepherd Bushiri. He founded Khuluma Afrika, an online-based publication. He is also a contributor to South African based publications News24 and Daily Maverick.

In November of 2018, Manyowa appeared before The Motlanthe Commission to give testimony with regards to the August 1, 2018, post-election violence. It was reported that Manyowa insisted that the victims of August 1, 2018, post-election violence were shot while they were in the midst of a crowd, with no soldiers in sight.[1]

In February 2019, following Bushiri's arrest in South Africa, Manyowa stated that Shepherd Bushiri is his "dad" and that he had helped him as a mentor in his life. [1] He has appeared in the press in South Africa and Zimbabwe defending Bushiri on a number of occasions.



Maynard Jnr and Kaiyron with Boipelo.

Monthlante Commission testimony

The Herald reported that Manyowa told the Motlanthe Commission of Inquiry he did not see any soldiers when Ishmael Kumene, was fatally shot adjacent to the intersection of Cameron Street and Jason Moyo Avenue during protests MDC Alliance supporters.

Following his testimony, Manyowa was accused of lying to the commission by a section of social media, while other supported his testimony. Some pointed out that his testimony conflicted with a video he had posted from the August 1 violence:

Defending his testimony on Twitter, Manyowa said:

"Well, some watched from the comfort of home. Most from outside our borders. But that said, the critical thing is, all evidence was submitted to the commission. If they feel what i said does not tally they will write it in their report. Insulting me all day & night changes nothing".[2]

Threats against his life

After his testimony at the Monthlante Commission Manyowa alleged that he was being threatened and that his family was no longer safe.Manyowa said that he and his family were now living in fear for their lives after being subjected to threats by people who were not pleased with his comments exonerating the army from killing civilians on August 1.


Manyowa is a polygamist and is married to Mutsa with whom he has two kids and is also husband to Boipelo with whom he sired one child.[3]

Maynard Manyowa and his two wives


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