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Mbada Diomonds Private Limited is a mining company which is in the diamonds extraction and polishing industry in Zimbabwe. The company is headquartered in Harare and its mines are located in the Marange area of Mutare in the Manicaland province and has a staff compliment of approximately 1500 personnel.[1] The diamond mining giant was formed in 2009 soon after the discovery of the gems in the country.[1]

The Company was among the list of the alleged looters who externalised money. Marange allegedly externalised USD62,049,622.Names Released: Full Statement By Mnangagwa


Soon after the turn of the century, communities in the Marange area of Manicaland reported the discovery of beautiful stone-like gems. It soon became common rhetoric that the area was awash with rough diamonds which the locals picked from the areas surrounding Chiadzwa.[2] This was followed by widespread informal mining and panning by the locals. The informal mining period spanned from around 2002 to 2006. Soon afterwards, the government of Zimbabwe soon took over the diamond fields and began preparations for formal mining. Thus a number of mining companies were soon established in line with the country's policy framework on mining. Mbada Diamonds was thus one of the companies which soon began its operations in 2006. The company was eventually certified under the Limberly Process Certification Scheme.


Mbada Diamonds mines conglomerate Rough Diamonds in the Marange Fields of South Eastern Zimbabwe grouped into the following quality range:

  1. Gems
  2. Pieces
  3. Semi Boart
  4. Dead Boart.[3]

Corporate and Social Affairs

Mbada Diamonds sponsored a country-wide 16 team knockout soccer tournament known as the Mbada Diamonds Cup since 2011.[4] The positive downstream commercial effects of the Mbada Diamonds Cup have already been noted by communities and players alike. Mbada Diamonds undertook to refurbish 18.3 km of the Bocha Road in its community in the Marange area. To alleviate the challenges of drinking water in the Manicaland province, Mbada Diamonds also helped in the drilling of boreholes since 2011 in the newly established communal areas of Arda Transau.[4]


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