Mbare New Year's Eve Party

The Mbare New Year's Eve Party 2020 was held in Mbare on 31 December 2020 less than 100 metres from Matapi Police Station. The party was held for free with thousands of people in attendance violating Covid-19 lockdown regulations.


David House International.

Performing Artists

According to the flier advertising the party, Dadza D, DJ Fantan, Levels, Rhibe, Soul Jah Love, Hwinza, Stunner, Abisha Palmer, Nutty O among many others were billed to perform at the party. It is not clear if everyone on the flier managed to perform.


On January 2, 2021, the Zimbabwe Republic Police said it had arrested 52 people. They also announced that they were looking for DJ Fantan.[1]

DJ Fantan and Boss Dhama were arrested on 3 January 2021. Fantan is reported to have handed himself over to the police after being allegedly on the run.[2]

Suspension of Police Officers

On 4 January 2021, ZRP suspended four police officers; Superintendent Innocent Makumbe, Inspector Garikai Jiyane (Officer in Charge, Matapi), Inspector Peace Nyarai Gunhe (Duty Officer), and Assistant Inspector Vengai Mupamhanga (Duty Member) from Police duties. The four were suspended by the Commissioner-General of Police pending disciplinary action.

In a statement, ZRP said investigations conducted revealed that the senior officer and junior members did not perform their duties according to Police set standards and Government's Covid-19 regulations in handling the Mbare musical bash held by DJ Fantan and his associates on 31 December 2020.[3]



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