Melody "Chocolate" Musekiwa

Melody Musekiwa was a Zimbabwean musician and dancer. As a dancer, she was known as Chocolate while as a musician she was known as Female Bhuru. Melody Musekiwa succumbed to kidney and liver failure at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals in Harare.

Relationship With Roki

She had a daughter named Dawn with musician Roki. Musekiwa was a dancer for Roki and later married him in 2012.[1]


Apart from collaborations, her discography includes tracks such as Anondida which heralded her debut into the music, which was followed by songs like Byron na Wayne and Zesa.

She also featured on a song called Hurt no more by Brian G featuring Take Fizzo and Herby. Melody Musekiwa featured on the song Mhondoro by Take Fizzo featuring Chante and Jazz.[2]


Melody Musekiwa died on 17 April 2021 after succumbing to kidney and liver failure. She was buried at Zororo Memorial Park.[3]


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