Melusi Job Mlevu
Melusi Job Mlevu
BornMelusi Job Mlevu
Cause of deathMurder, Reportedly part of the Gukurahundi Massacre
  • Politician
Political partyPF- Zapu
ChildrenJonathan Moyo

Melusi Job Mlevu was a Zimbabwean politician and member of PF-Zapu. He was a councillor in Tsholotsho. Mlevu is the father of outspoken politician, Jonathan Moyo.

In 1982, Mlevu was reportedly abducted by the Fifth Brigade and ordered to dig his own grave before he was killed in cold blood and buried in the shallow grave.[1]The murder was reportedly part of the Gukurahundi massacres of the 80s.

In October 2016 Mlevu's family requested to exhume and properly bury his remains at their home.

Asked by a journalist if the reburial of his father would not open old wounds, Jonathan Moyo responded:

I’m, therefore, insulted by the suggestion that finally giving him a decent resting place at his homestead would open any wound. To the contrary, the shallow grave in which his soul has failed to rest in peace all these years after he was tortured and made to dig it in the bush, before he was brutally murdered, is an open wound that needs to be closed.[1]

In January 2019, Jonathan Moyo revealed that he was writing a book "LETTERS TO MY FATHER", which would be an academic memoir unravelling state politics in Zimbabwe since King Lobengula. He would also "tell my father my story since his brutal murder; especially my ordeal in the ZanuPF leadership ranks between 2000-05 & 2009-17!"[2]


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