Date: April 2012
Location: Munyati River, Chivhu
Involved: Mhunga Bus
Deaths: 29
Injuries: 39 injured
Cause of Accident: Lost Control

Mhunga Bus Disaster April 2011
Wreckage of the "Killer Bus"
Date April 2009
Location Harare-Masvingo Road
Country Zimbabwe
Bus operator Mhunga Bus Company
Bus owner Tanda Tavaruva and Sons
Cause speeding
Deaths 29
Injuries 39
Damage both busses


Details of the Accident

The accident claimed 29 lives while 39 were injured. The accident occured when a Mhunga Bus owned by a Masvingo company Tanda Tavararuva and Sons plunged into the Munyati river near Chivhu. The bus was travelling to Harare when the driver lost control resulting in the bus plunging into the river.[1]

This accident by another Mhunga buses attracted a lot of attention especially from the commuting public and the relevant government officials. All in all, 200 people were said to have perished in mishaps involving Mhunga buses since 1995. Since the latest Mhunga bus accident in August 2009, conspiracy theories have been thickening. But hidden under these theories is the belief that there was a bad spell or omen haunting Mhunga that needs to be exorcised.[1]


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