Michelle Kawome
Michelle Kawome Biography
Spouse(s)Thomas Rashamira

Michelle Kawome is a Zimbabwean socialite. She is known for being married Zimbabwean socialite Roland Muchengwa popularly known as Uncle Roland.


She was born on 3 June.[1]


On 22 February 2020, Michelle Kawome was customarily married by Thomas Rashamira.[2]


Michelle Kawome has a son Tarell and a daughter Tiara from a previous relationship. She is also the mother of Tinashe Rashamira, her husband's son from a previous relationship. Michelle and her husband Thomas have a daughter named Tamika Moyochena Rashamira who was born in October 2020.[3]


Roland Muchengwa

On 16 September 2015, Roland Muchengwa attacked his ex-wife Mitchell Kawome. A manhunt was launched for him by the Zimbabwe Republic Police and Kawome's family.

Muchengwa and Mitchell Kawome were married for ten years and have two children together. In 2015, it was alleged that Muchegwa was not been providing any form of support or child maintenance to his children.

Muchengwa would beat up Kawome whenever she confronted him about his extramarital affairs.

Whenever Kawome tried to escape and leave the marriage in order to save herself and her children, Muchegwa would reportedly always follow her to her parents’ home and forcibly bring her back.

In 2013 and with the support of family and friends, Mitchell finally left after pictures of Muchegwa having a threesome with two unknown women went viral on social media.

Muchegwa vowed and threatened that if he could not have her he was going to make sure that no one else would.

He would physically attack her whenever he bumped into her and physically fought anyone who ever tried to date her. On 16 September 2015, he attacked Kawome when Kawome and her friends ran into him at a night out in Pabloz. Mitchell Kawome and her friends tried to run away but when they were outside he followed them and attacked Kawome with a bottle several times on the face and when she fell down he kicked and punched her.[4]

Edmore Jori

Kawome reportedly dated prominent Harare lawyer Edmore Jori who had a wife and three children. Jori died in a car crash on 2 December 2017 near Women's University in Africa in Mt Pleasant as he drove towards Greencroft.

There were various theories on what might have led to the fatal accident and all of them involved Michelle Kawome. One theory alleged that the two were at Pariah State before moving to Pabloz where award-winning South African house DJ, DJ Shimza was performing. According to this version of events, Koweme stormed out of the bar while Edmore Jori followed her and this developed into a car chase leading to the fatal crash.

Another theory claimed that Michelle and Jori were in good books as they left Borrowdale and had agreed to use their separate cars to her home. She would use the rear-view mirror to see if Jori was following but however, lost him near Women's University and made a U-turn only to be met by the tragic crash.[5]

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga Relationship Rumours

In January 2020, Michelle Kawome denied social media rumours claiming she was dating Constantino Chiwenga. At the time she said she was engaged but declined to name her fiancé.[6]

Bedroom Video

In September 2021, a leaked bedroom video footage showing Mitchelle Kawome with her husband Thomas went viral on the internet. It was not clear when the video was taken.

Following the leak, Kawome wrote:

"I was goin through a terrible storm but I refuse to go down because I am always content in all circumstances nomatter how brocken.l may have a million unanswered questions. I might ask God why me ,is this not too much ,when will my chance pass have l not done enough time. I always answer myself but who must it be done to? No one deserves such. l know who l am ,l am already chosen and l am loved more than I ever imagined for me that is enough. I am grateful for my life because l know all my life has been carried by grace. To my enemies I pray one day you will find peace and let me rest. Living unapologetically !!!!"



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