Military Touch Movement is a record label started by musician Jah Prayzah in February 2017.

Military Touch Movement
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Military Touch Movement
Genre Various
Members Andy Muridzo, Tahle Wedzinza, Nutty O, EX-Q, DJ Tamuka and Daniel Chiweda



Some artistes signed include


Music Productions

Artists have collaborated on one song titled "Chekeche" with in house producers DJ Tamuka and Chiweda producing the song. The video to the song features cameo appearances by Ammara Brown and Pokello Nare and was directed by Vusa Blaqs who is also linked to the label.


Military Touch Movement (MTM) - Chekeche (Official Video)


In an interview with Star FM in April 2017, Andy Muridzo said that Jah Prayzah was being given first preference over other artists under the label. Said Muridzo:

"I agree that the same way Jah Prayzah is being marketed should be the same way we market ExQ, Tahle and Nutty O. I must say it’s my hope that one day it’ll get there."


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