Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe
IndustryMines and Mining Development
Key people
Onesimo Moyo
OwnerGovernment of Zimbabwe

Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe (MMCZ) was established through an Act of Parliament (MMCZ Act Chapter 21:04) and began operations in March 1983.[1]

It is 100% owned by the Government of Zimbabwe and falls under the ambit of the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development. It is an exclusive agent for marketing and selling of all minerals produced in Zimbabwe except silver and gold.


To be a leader in mineral marketing and national resource accounting by 2020.


To maximize returns to all our stakeholders through efficient marketing services and national mineral resource accounting.

Reasons for formation

  • To control and carry out sales and exports of all minerals produced in Zimbabwe.
  • To control stock piling of minerals, minimize opportunities for underhand and dishonest dealings such as, transfer pricing, under invoicing and related problems, to centrally coordinate all marketing intelligence, monitor international mineral markets and trends and technological changes to the best advantage of the Government and to protect the interests of the country and of producers and the industry

Functions of MMCZ

  • To act as the sole marketing and selling agent of all minerals produced in Zimbabwe
  • To investigate or cause to be investigated mineral marketing conditions, inside or outside Zimbabwe
  • To purchase and acquire any minerals for its own account and to sell such minerals
  • To encourage local beneficiation and utilization of any minerals
  • To advise the Minister on all matters connected with the marketing of minerals
  • To do all things, which by this Act or any other enactment are required to be done by the Corporation

Services provided by MMCZ

In execution of its duties the MMCZ provides the following services:

  • Product information
  • Market information
  • Diamond tenders and auctions
  • Contract negotiations, drafting and authorization
  • Mineral identification
  • Mineral evaluation
  • Issuing of Kimberly Process Certificates
  • Monitoring mineral exports
  • Logistics and product distribution

Products marketed through MMCZ

The minerals that the Corporation markets are categorised into three major groups, namely:

  • Metals
  • Industrial Minerals
  • Gemstones

The major minerals in each category are;

  • Metals: High Carbon Ferrochrome, Platinum Group Metals, Nickel and Steel etc
  • Non-Metals: Diamond, Emerald, Petalite, Coal. Coke, Vermiculite, and Aquamarine, lithium, uranium, coal and coal bed methane gas.


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