The book ‘‘’Mining in Zimbabwe’’’ began as an idea in 2013, and writing was finished in December 2018. The book is available from June 2019. It is published by the Chamber of Mines, and sponsored by Unki Mine. With 688 pages, supported by more than 300 tables, line drawings, charts and photographs, it is available in hardback. One method is through Joyful Muzvidziwa at the Anglo American Office in Harare.

It is edited by Martin Prendergrast and John Hollaway and written by seventeen mining professionals. The book records Zimbabwe’s geology, then pre-colonial mining history of 1500 years, and then twelve chapters on specific minerals since 1890. The book ends with chapters on the mining economy (and the role on mining in the national economy) and developments in the mining industry from 2017 to 2018. The following main themes are brought out:

  • The nature and occurrence of the country’s main minerals and metals, together with the associated mining and metallurgical processes adopted to win these over time.
  • The events that shaped the development of the industry, together with some of the people who influenced it.


  1. The Geology of Zimbabwe T.G. Blenkinsop
  2. Government and the Mining Industry F. Mugumbate
  3. Pre-colonial Gold K.A. Viewing
  4. Pre-colonial Iron M.D. Prendergast
  5. Pre-colonial Copper H.F. Solberg
  6. Gold J. Hollaway
  7. Coal O.J. Maponga
  8. Asbestos F. Makwara.
  9. Chrome S. Kalenjeka
  10. Copper H.F. Solberg
  11. Tin A. Mukwekwezeke
  12. Iron and Steel C.G.A. Castelin
  13. Nickel and Associated Metals P. Markham
  14. Diamonds V. Stocklmayer and S. Stocklmayer
  15. Platinum-group Metals M.D. Prendergast, A.J. du Toit, and C.T. Musa
  16. Industrial Minerals J. Hollaway
  17. Minor Minerals and Metals J. Hollaway
  18. Zimbabwe’s Mining Economy A.M. Hawkins
  19. Postscript: Developments in Zimbabwe’s Mining Industry, 2017–2018 M.D. Prendergast.