Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services

Ministry of Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services / Media, Information and Broadcasting Services is in the government of Zimbabwe.


In 1987, these functions were handled by the Ministry of Information, Posts and Telecommunications, under Nathan Shamuyarira. It was responsible for news dissemination through the mass media and for the postal and telecommunications services. [1]

See Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe.
See Ministry of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services.


  • Dynamic media and information policies that promote rights, the country’s development and national sovereignty.
  • Administration of information-related Acts for fulfillment and compliance.
  • Information services to the citizenry on Government policies, programmes, and other public issues.
  • Articulation of Government position and views on national issues.
  • Articulating Zimbabwe’s position and view internationally.
  • Supporting government Ministries and department in the development of information-related structures; in the development and expression of national culture, as well as forging national unity, identity, cohesion, and consensus;
  • Image-building of Government and the country;
  • Providing rural information services to bridge the information divide;
  • Providing platforms for artists;
  • Participating in Fairs, Shows, and Exhibitions;
  • Providing Training in information and media skills;
  • Regulating Information and the media industry;
  • Laying media infrastructure and platforms;
  • Diarizing Government events and activities

Services under the Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services

  • Media Liaison
  • Content Development and Production Services
  • Rural Communication Services
  • Urban Communication Services
  • International Communication Services
  • Finance, Administration, Human Resources and Internal Audit
  • Broadcasting Services
  • Transmission Services
  • New Agency Services
  • Books Services
  • Training (Media, Information and Film)
  • Archival material Storage and Retrieval
  • Licensing and Regulatory Services


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