Ministry of Youth ,Sports, Arts and Recreation

Ministry of Youth ,Sports, Arts and Recreation
PredecessorMinistry of Education, Sport and Culture
HeadquartersHarare, Zimbabwe
Key people
Kirsty Coventry (Minister)

Ministry of Youths, Sports, Arts and Recreation is a ministry of the Zimbabwean government led by Minister Kirsty Coventry.In April of 2018, the youth affairs department was moved from the Ministry of Women Affairs to the Ministry of Sports, Arts and Recreation.


A Zimbabwean society that fully exploits and utilises sport and recreation to foster development, social integration and empowerment.


To Develop and implement policies and programmes that transform and strengthen the involvement of Zimbabweans in sport and recreation for socio-economic development.


  • Unhu/Ubuntu
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Excellence
  • Fairness
  • Life-long learning


  • The Ministry’s overall function are as outlined below:
  • Formulate and establish a legal framework that secures, protects and promotes sport and recreation;
  • Develop and implement policies and strategies that ensure development and growth of sport and recreation facilities and industries;
  • Create an environment that supports and strengthens the development of sport and recreation;
  • Establish a revolving fund to stimulate growth of sport and recreation industries;
  • Establish and strengthen the development of institutions and requisite skills to raise the standards of sport and recreation in the country; and
  • Strengthen sport and recreation programmes and activities to achieve employment creation and poverty reduction.