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Miriam Chikukwa is a Zimbabwean politician and a gospel minister.[1] She is a member of Zanu-PF political party and is the former Minister of State for Harare Metropolitan Province. She was given the nickname "Pastor" by her colleagues.[2] [3]


She was born to Jonas Chikukwa and Cecilia Chikukwa. She grew up in Rusape and her parents were religious people who reportedly conducted deliverance sessions.[2] Chikukwa attends Kingdom Church under Bishop Climate Ministry and was ordained in 2012 by Bishop Climate Irungu[2]

Positions Held

Chikukwa was appointed Minister of State for Harare Metropolitan Province in September 2013. [4]


Bid to buy residential stand at 40% concessional rate blocked

In September 2016, the city of Harare councilors allegedly blocked a resolution to sell residential stand in Glenlorne to Chikukwa. The Minister was to buy the stand at a concessional rate of 40 percent. Zanu-PF Councillors were alleged to have argued for the case but did not succeed as their objection was overruled. They accused MDC-T Councillors of sabotaging a Zanu-PF minister.[5]

Claim for recognition

In October 2014, Chikukwa reportedly caused a stir by launching a public outburst at speakers for failing to recognize her at the launch of the National Housing Delivery Strategy at a local hotel.[6]


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