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Miriam Chikukwa is a Zimbabwean politician and a gospel minister. [1] She is a member of Zanu-PF and is the former Minister of State for Harare Metropolitan Province. She was given the nickname "Pastor" by her colleagues. [2] [3]

Personal Details

Born: to Jonas Chikukwa and Cecilia Chikukwa. She grew up in Rusape and her parents were religious people who reportedly conducted deliverance sessions. [2] Chikukwa attends Kingdom Church under Bishop Climate Ministry and was ordained in 2012 by Bishop Climate Irungu[2]

School / Education

No information was found on her Junior or High School, or any tertiary education.


Sixty seats were allocated to women in 2013 under the 2013 Zimbabwe Constitution. They were divided into 6 per province, based on a party's share of votes in the province. The parties produced lists of candidates before the elections. Successful candidates are listed in bold. Only parties which had successful candidates are listed. Vote counts for these seats may vary slightly from the official provincial vote totals due to some multiple candidates votes.

Harare Province
Marongedza Shorai Masaiti Muzungu Sabina Thembani
Mary Nhavhaya Value Chitembwe Sabina Mangwende
Shumirai Zinyoro Ronia Bunjira Miriam Chikukwa
Maggie Sandram Susan Matsunga Tendai Wenyika
Grace Parehwa Revai Muguti Rodhas Karimakwenda

Positions Held

Chikukwa was appointed Minister of State for Harare Metropolitan Province in September 2013. [4]


Bid to buy residential stand at 40% concessional rate blocked

In September 2016, the city of Harare councilors allegedly blocked a resolution to sell a residential stand in Glen Lorne to Chikukwa. The Minister was to buy the stand at a concessional rate of 40 percent. Zanu-PF Councillors were alleged to have argued for the case but did not succeed as their objection was overruled. They accused MDC-T Councillors of sabotaging a Zanu PF minister. [5]

Claim for recognition

In October 2014, Chikukwa reportedly caused a stir by launching a public outburst at speakers for failing to recognize her at the launch of the National Housing Delivery Strategy at a local hotel. [6]


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