Miss Becky

Rebecca Muchenje is a Zimbabwean radio personality who is one of the best DJs in the entertainment industry. She is popularly known as Miss Becky by her followers and she works for ZiFM Stereo.


Rebecca Muchenje prefers her nickname Miss Becky which she uses when she is on radio, on one of Zimbabwe’s hottest radio station ZiFM Stereo. She is also active on social media platforms.[1]


She is a radio personality who works for the popular radio station ZiFM. She is one of ZiFM’s hottest and beautiful ladies rubbing shoulders with the likes of Misred, Patience Musa, Martha Mamombe to mention just a few. The radio personality is one of the best DJs in the entertainment industry.

In 2020, Miss Becky was appointed the new BBC correspondent in Zimbabwe for their business show titled ‘In Business Africa’. The show focuses on business related issues in Africa and addresses issues such as economic growth patterns, developmental trends and other business issues in Africa. She did not reveal whether she will be leaving ZiFM.[2]


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