Moline Mayahle

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Moline Mayahle

Moline Mayahle is a Zimbabwean who is a board member of the Environmental Management Agency (EMA). She was appointed to the EMA board in May 2019 by Prisca Mupfumira who was then heading the Ministry of Environment, Tourism, Climate Change and Hospitality Industry.


Moline is from Mutema Shopping Centre near Birchenough Bridge in Zimbabwe and has a sister named Angelina.[1] They are daughters of the late businessman Harry Mayahle with his second wife. She is believed to have three children with President Emmerson Mnangagwa.[2]


Moline holds a BSc in Environmental Studies and an MSc in Developmental Studies.


Ms Moyahle has served previously as an employee of the Agency; She is a Non-Executive Director for an EIA Consultancy. She was appointed as an EMA board member in May 2019.


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