"Mordekai Abenia Hamutyinei was a Shona novelist and considered one of the best writers in Zimbabwe. He is known mostly for his titles China Manenji Hachifambisi, Kusasana Kunoparira, Mabvumira eNhetembo (a compilation of poems), Ndikandei Mugehena, Musango Mune Nyama,

Mordecai A. Hamutyinei
Picture of Mardecai Hamutyinei Book, "Chiparurangoma chamudyanadzo"
Picture of Mardecai Hamutyinei Book, "Chiparurangoma chamudyanadzo"
Born Mordecai Abenia Hamutyinei
Resting place St Albert Mission, Gutu, Masvingo
  • Novelist
  • Poet


Source of inspiration

His wife Mai Hamutyinei said the great writer would first observe the world around him before sitting down to write a novel.

“Baba could go out there and come up with a theme for his works. “Musango Munenyama” was written after he met some hunters who had wild animals,”<\blockquote>


His wife said her husband was a fair man who was just plain in his personal and family relations.


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The publishing manager of Mambo Press Wonai Paradza said though he had not worked with Hamutyinei directly the author had left a legacy of good working relations with the publishing house. Mambo Press claims that his books still record high sales even after death.