Morgan Sengwayo
Morgan Sengwayo
ChurchApostolic Faith Church in Southern Africa
Term ended1981
SuccessorFreedom Sengwayo
Personal details
OccupationReligious Leader

Morgan Sengwayo was a Zimbabwean religious figure and founder and president of the Apostolic Faith Church in Southern Africa.


He was born in a family of three. He did not do well in school. Growing up, he became very 'sinful' and began to indulge in immoral activities. He thus left for South Africa because he was embarrassed to meet his family which had nurtured him in good ways.

Early Career as Lay Preacher

In South Africa he became very ill and nearly died. A certain man form a certain church prayed for him and he recovered. He thus began to testify what God had done to him, thus he began preaching. He subsequently returned to Zimbabwe where he organized prayer meetings. His family decided to cast him out of the family home for the reason that he was disrupting teachings of their church. They also accused him of praying too much. He then worked as a teacher for three years. He went to raise funds to undergo driver training and he eventually became a lorry driver.[1]

Religious career

Sengwayo left the then Salisbury to start his religious ministry in Gweru, in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe. He began to preach in the area and later on moved to Bulawayo where established a church in the Pelandaba area. During he early days of his ministry, he used to travel from Gweru to Bulawayo on foot. He had visions and is believed to have several divine encounters along the way. The ministry was founded in 1955.[2]


The church chose to affiliate themselves with the Apostolic Faith Mission with Headquarters in Portland, Oregon, USA.[1]


Growth of the Church

The church has more than 55 groups of born again Christians from South, Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Malawi, and Mozambique. After his death Freedom Sengwayo took over the reigns leading the church.[1]

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