Morgen Komichi
BornMorgen Komichi
  • Politician

Morgen Komichi is a Zimbabwean politician and a member of MDC-T. He is currently the party Chairperson of the MDC-T led by Thokozani Khupe after the Supreme court ruling that was made on 31 March 2020. He was part of the MDC Alliance until the court ruling.[1]

Minister of Transport Communication and Infrastructural Development

In 2012 Komichi was sworn in as the Minister of Transport Communication and Infrastructural Development by Robert Mugabe who was the then president of Zimbabwe.

Charges of fraud and contravening the Electoral Act

Komichi was charged with fraud and contravening the Electoral Act in 2013.Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) issued a press statement that alleged that Mr Komichi approached the Chief election officer alleging that someone had picked up a sealed tamper-proof envelope with special vote ballot papers enclosed. ZEC claims that Mr Komichi's narration was that he was handed the envelope by a person he could not name.The said unnamed person allegedly informed Mr Komichi that he or she had picked up the envelope in a dustbin at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC) where the special vote was being processed.

Missing 2013 election

Komichi was not able to vote in the 2013 national election as he was in remand prison awaiting trial for charges of Electoral fraud. Harare Magistrate Anitha Tshuma denied him bail on the basis that his release would not augur well with the political environment and the election mood since his arrest was linked to electoral fraud.

Allegations of being dumped by the MDC-T

It was alleged that senior MDC-T officials including the then president of the party Morgan Tsvangirai snubbed the trial of Morgen Komichi who faced charged with electoral fraud. This led to speculation that the party had dumped him.

Release from Chikurubi

In November 2013 Komichi was released from Chikurubi Maximum Prison after serving 97 days in jail after being found guilty of electoral fraud.

Community service

In 2013 Komichi did 350 hours of community service at Mabelreign Clinic after he was convicted of fraud and contravening the country's electoral law.


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