Mort's Tree
Mort's tree.JPG

Mort's Tree has a height of 22 metres and crown spread of 24 metres in 1988, this magnificent tree must have been noticed and remarked upon by thousands of visitors travelling from Beit Bridge to Bulawayo, or the Victoria Falls.

Why Visit

  • Ten kilometres south beyond Mbalabala was the mountain acacia, brachstegia glaucescens, described by Lyn Mullin in his classic Historic Trees of Zimbabwe as the largest near any main road in Zimbabwe and preserved solely from early destruction by Mort Poultney in the 1970’s.
  • Deforestation and degradation of the soil is a big problem in Zimbabwe and Government departments must encourage replanting of trees and to preserve the indigenous woodlands.
  • According to Jenny Brebner, née Poultney, this wonderful tree had come to the end of its natural life. It increasingly began to lose branches until it finally fell down and had to be cut up. Zimbabwe Scenic Sites