Moto Republik

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Moto Republik
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FoundersComrade Fatso
TypeNon-Profit Creative Hub
FieldsTech, Arts

Moto Republik is a co-creation space in Harare where creators can work collaboratively on craft, and ideas. The creative hub consists of a rooftop garden members’ canteen, co-working space for creatives, office space for your start-up organisations working in media/arts/youth activism, a training and workshop space, and office space for Magamba Network, an online parody video producing team.

The hub is located in a shipment container unit and renovated property in the Greater Avenues area in Harare.

The hub was founded by Comrade Fatso.

Startups Incubated at Moto Republik

Demolition Threat

The arts youth hub once faced demolition by Harare City Council in March 2017.Samm “Cde Fatso” Monro said he was surprised by the turn of events, claiming that the local authority had approved the building plan in the first place.

“Those are fully approved city council plans by every single department in the local authority. On top of that, we have paid regularisation fees to the council on various occasions,”

“Our issue with what happened yesterday [Thursday] is beyond the fact that they are trying to destroy a positive space of inspiration for young people, it is also on the legal basis.

“How can city council issue plans and then come to demolish, how can they make us pay regularisation fees and then come to say they want to destroy it?”said Cde Fatso.[1]

However Moto Republik took a legal route, engaging its lawyers from Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights and filing for an urgent chamber application to stop the demolition of the container structures and compensation for the damages done the Moto Republik building. Eventually, the Harare City council opted for an out of court settlement.[1]


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