Mr. Ugly is a Zimbabwean competition where ugly men compete for the title of most ugly person. The competition was created by David Machowa in 2012 to celebrate the beauty in ugliness. The winner of the pageant is awarded US $500 and the runner up $100.



The competition looks for the most ugly person in terms of their facial features and defined ugliness as "displeasing to the eye". However It has also been reported that while Facial features count the most, contestants are also judged according to their confidence when walking the runway and how they handle the question-and-answer round of the pageant.[1]

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2015 Controversy

In 2015, after coming second in a competition he'd won the previous years, William Masvinu complained that the competition had been rigged as he was the most ugly of the contestants.

"I am naturally ugly. He is not. He is ugly only when he opens his mouth,The judges were not fair, the organisers must look for new judges to start the contest afresh. I did not lose today,"

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