Mthwakazi Republic Party is a political institution that was founded in 2014. The party is led by President Mqondisi Moyo.[1] It has been described as both secessionist and restorationist, seeking to restore the Mthwakazi kingdom.

In 2018 Mthwakazi Republican Party, said that its activists arrested by police after giving testimony to the Motlanthe Commission several weeks ago in Bulawayo were harassed by state security agents.[2]


MRP was officially launched to the public on January 11, in 2014 at Presbyterian Church Hall in Bulawayo.


  • President - Mqondisi Moyo
  • Chairperson - Mqondisi Ndebele
  • Secretary General - Ackim Mhlanga
  • Treasurer General - Brighton Ithuteng Maladzi


Mthwakazi is an inter-cultural nation which was established by King Mzilikazi whose origins can be traced down to Zululand. The nation comprised of more than 13 tribes who were harmoniously ruled in their diversity. The border of Mthwakazi and Zimbabwe which was signed between Sir Star Leander Jameson and King Lobengula in 1891. The border is the Munyathi River, and that exists between Mthwakazi and Zambia is Zambezi River. The Border that exist between Mthwakazi and Botswana is Ramaquabane and the border that separate Mthwakazi from South Africa is Limpopo River. The tribes found in Mthwakazi are Tonga, Swazi, Coloureds, Sotho, ChiNambya, Venda, Ndebele, Khalanga, Lozwi, Nyanja, Chewa and English among others.

In 2020, the party started a campaign to obtain 20,000 signatures to petition the government, neighbouring countries, the British government, and the Queen of England, to restore the Mthwakazi kingdom. Mqondisi Moyo, the party president, said this initiative was inspired by UN resolutions, specifically, that "minority groups must be afforded their autonomy and self-determination", and that self-determination should be afforded to "all minority groups whose human rights were being denied and their dignity trampled on by majority ethnic groups anywhere in the world". Moyo said the Mthwakazi kingdom is made up of 20 different tribes.

In 2018, the party delivered a petition to Pick n Pay Stores, saying the company had become "a liability to the people of Bulawayo and Matabeleland in general, through meddling in tribal politics of the current regime".

Political Views

Mthwakazi Republic Party advocates for the restoration of the separate state of Mthwakazi which initially lost its independence in 1893 when the British South African Company invaded the land of Mthwakazi assisted by the 652 Shona Batsmen in Gadade (battle of Mbembesi). In the 1960s when the Africans were lobbying for their independence, ZAPU was formed under the leadership of the late Joshua Nkomo and he commanded the ZIPRA which was a military wing of ZAPU mainly anticipated to push the interests of Mthwakazi people.


Prior to 2018, the party had not participated in Zimbabwe's elections, wanting "Matabeleland independence first". In the 2018 Zimbabwean general election, the party ran candidates "within the borders of Mthwakazi", stating it would be "important in raising the profile of his party and its restorationist agenda". The party promised that if elected, "the education sector remains our single most important target".


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