Muchaneta Mpofu

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Muchaneta Mpofu
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BornMuchaneta Mpofu
Known forAuditioning on X-Factor

Muchaneta Mpofu is a Zimbabwean based in the United Kingdom. She is well known for auditioning on X Factor.


At the time of the audition she was 30. She used the stage name Lady of Favour. Mpofu attempted to sing a cover of Swedish pop group Ace of Base’s All That She Wants on the British version of the singing talent show X Factor. [1]

The X Factor UK 2016 Auditions Muchaneta Mpofu Full Clip S13E04


(Unknown if this is the same person. She was not elected.) In the 2013 Elections, (see A History of Zimbabwean Elections), sixty seats were allocated to women, under the 2013 Zimbabwe Constitution. They were divided into 6 per province, based on a party's share of votes in the province. The parties produced lists of candidates before the elections. Successful candidates are listed in bold. Only parties which had successful candidates are listed. Vote counts for these seats may vary slightly from the official provincial vote totals due to some multiple candidates votes.

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