Mufudzi Chambuka

Mufudzi Melusi Chambuka is a Zimbabwean born Community Mental Healthcare professional based in the United Kingdom.

Marriage To Beverly Sibanda

Mufudzi Chambuka married dancer Beverly Sibanda on 23 January 2020 after he paid lobola to her family. The two had a court wedding that was presided by Harare Provincial magistrate Joy Chikodzore. According to her manager Hapaguti Mapimhidze Bev and Chambuka had dated for a while and would chat over the phone before they decided to get married.[1]

Cheating Allegations

In June 2021, after an initial denial her marriage was under threat Beverly Sibanda released images of chats between her husband and his lover. The screenshots of Mufudzi Chambuka's chats with his alleged lover came barely a week after Sibanda said all was well in her marriage despite a prior controversial post insinuating her husband was unfaithful.

Beverly Sibanda had claimed the post was a mere marketing gimmick for her skin cream business and there was no need for people to read much into it.[2] Below are the screenshots of Chambuka's conversations with his alleged lovers:

In a video of an interview with Mai Titi, Beverly Sibanda said Mufudzi Chambuka was an abusive, womanising control freak who was juggling 50 women at one time.

She said he always accused her of cheating on him and yet he was the one wooing women on Facebook. She said Chambuka was sending the women money while she struggled in Zimbabwe. She said she was financially dependent on him ever since Covid-19 hit but he had not paid rentals for two months.

Beverly Sibanda said she wanted to divorce her husband and was ready to file divorce papers. She accused Chambuka of lying to her from the start, telling her that he had only two children when, in fact, he had five with different women.

She said she was keen to join her husband in the United Kingdom when he married her but he never submitted the visa papers.[3]

Watch the video of Beverly Sibanda's interview with Mai TT below:

Beverly Sibanda's bedroom secrets exposed by Mai tt

On 16 July 2021, Melusi Mufudzi Chambuka responded to Bev Sibanda's claims with a Facebook post that read:

"Having 50-5K facebook friends does not mean you are dating them and having a selfy with another person it does not necessarily mean you are having sexual relationship with that other person. Idle minds can create horror movies and fabricate ma V11s and lazy audience never ask questions but run viral a false gossip...after all no one cares about the truth as long the story line gets them a million of viewers plus ma love nema likes....Never stop doing whats Good even if Judas put you out for 40coins .... for Judas will always bring false stories yet adya mari."


Political Aspirations

Mufudzi Chambuka Poster

In September 2020, Mufudzi Chambuka announced his intention to run for the Harare Central legislator as a ZPP candidate.[5]


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