Mugabe's Appointment as A.U Chairman
Date30 January 2015
VenueAfrican Union Headquarters
LocationAdis Ababa, Ethiopia
Organised byAfrican Union
ParticipantsAfrican Union Members Countries
OutcomeMugabe elected Chairman of African Union

Robert Mugabe was appointed Chairmen of the continental body the African Union on 30 January 2015. The long awaited appointment finally came during an A.U conference held at the union's headquarters in Adis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Mugabe succeeded Mauritania's President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz at the start of a two-day AU summit meeting.


Mugabe has a different reputation outside the continent and is subject to travel bans from the US and EU, in place since 2002. This was after his controversial land reform dubbed Third Chimurenga which is alleged to have ushered in human rights abuse at the hands of the war veterans.

Delegates from the continent are said to have received the development with mixed feelings. Others celebrated Mugabe's appointment, with the main emphasis being on the leaders vast experience in nationalist politics spanning over 50 years. On the contrary, the African continent is marred by problems of the economy, Ebola virus and conflicts such as the Boko Haram crisis in Nigeria.[1] Some African leaders thus lamented that the post need someone with a stronger political stamina and with a realistic grasp of the needs of the moment. Mugabe was also criticised for having failed to contain poverty and human rights abuses in Zimbabwe, and this makes his success at the helm of the African continent doubtful.[1]

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