Mukumbura Bus Accident (Dec 2009)
DateDecember 2009
LocationMukumbura, Mashonaland Central Province
Damageboth busses


Date: December 2009
Location: Mukumbura, Mt Darwin, Mashonaland Central Province
Involved: Passenger Bus
Deaths: 9
Injuries: 52 injured
Cause of Accident: Collision with a private car

Details of the Accident

Nine people perished and 52 were treated for injuries in a collision between a bus and a car. The passenger bus carrying 74 people was on its way to the capital Harare from Mukumbura on the Mozambican border in Mashonaland Central Province. All five people inside the car were killed, as well as four passengers on the bus. The injured are being treated at the state-run hospital in the mining town of Bindura, near where the accident occurred.[1] The accident occured at a time when the country was facing serious economic problems which made public transport no only expensive but also scarce for ordianary Zimbabeans. Yhis resulted in most rural folks being exposed to to unlicensed and unroadworthy transport which would bus them from different paces to their destinations. The major risk was that of overloaded unroadworthy buses and his accident was said to have occured under these circumstances.


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