Trading name
IndustryFinancial Services Company
FounderRob Burrell
Key people
Rob Burrell, CEO

Mukuru is a financial services company that helps people move money around Africa, through a variety of platforms with the goal to simplify the process of sending and receiving money across borders.


Mukuru was launched in the mid-2000s. As Zimbabwe went through hyperinflation, Mukuru enabled customers in the diaspora to send fuel & grocery vouchers back home via SMS. [1] Eventually Mukuru started offering money remittances.

How Mukuru Works

How To Send Money with Mukuru

For you to use Mukuru you have to register first. You can register online over the internet or on their website You will need a photo of your ID or Passport or Driver's license and a photo of you and your ID for verification After you have registered you can then send money using Mukuru. There are 2 ways you can send Money using Mukuru

Send Money With Mukuru Online

  1. Go to Their website and follow instructions after logging into your account or
  2. Use their mobile app downloaded from Playstore or Appstore

Send Money With Mukuru Via An Agent

  1. Go to the Mukuru Website and search for agents in your country,
  2. Go to the agent with the money you want to send and your ID and talk to the attendant.

Send Money With Mukuru Via WhatsApp

To initiate the transaction send a message to +27 86 001 8555 remember to save the number in your phone.

Mukuru PayOut Partners in Zimbabwe

Mukuru has branches in the following towns

  1. Harare
  2. Masvingo
  3. Mutare
  4. Chitungwiza
  5. Bulawayo

However, you can also get you Mukuru Money at:

  1. Ecobank
  2. POSB
  3. Zimpost
  4. OK
  5. CABS
  6. CBZ
  7. Stanbic
  8. Metro Peech
  9. Telecaash
  10. ZB Bank


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