Mukuvisi Woodlands

The Mukuvisi Woodlands are one of Zimbabwe's national treasures. It provides one of the few remaining large green spaces open to the public in Harare. Over 18 000 school children visit each year.

See Zimbabwe Scenic Sites.


First proposed as a protected green-belt area in 1910, those championing the idea of these Woodlands fought an uphill battle against suburban development in the area right through to 1979, when the Mukuvisi Woodlands Association was created, and in 1980, an official lease agreement was signed between this Association and Harare Municipality.

Electoral Constituency

Mukuvusi was also an electoral constituency.
In the Zimbabwe 1985 Parliamentary Election, Mukuvusi returned to Parliament"

Objectives of the Mukuvisi Woodlands Association

  • To conserve and utilize the Mukuvisi Woodlands
  • To provide and develop facilities for education in the principles and practice of nature conservation, environmental studies and research;
  • To encourage the public to appreciate the natural environment

Conservation Education

Mukuvisi Woodlands has succeeded very well in all of these, and continues to succeed, particularly in the area of Conservation Education. The flagship Eco-Schools Programme is helping to create a new generation of environmentally aware and dedicated children, who understand today's burning conservation challenges and issues. We offer regular Bush Camps for children and hold many other educational events. We have a full-time Education Officer, plus several university students on attachment doing research and teaching on an on-going basis.