Munamato Mutevedzi is the current Zimbabwe Chief Magistrate after being appointed to the post by the Judicial Service Commission on 27 March 2020. He replaced Mishrod Guvamombe who resigned in December 2019.[1]


On 27 September 2021, Munamato Mutevedzi was promoted by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to the High Court bench together with Rogers Manyangadze Foroma, Chipo Annie-Lucy Mungwari, Elijah Makomo, Never Katiyo, Joseph Chilimbe, Bongani Ndlovu, Samuel Deme and Catherine Kate Bachi-Muzawazi.

Mutevedzi's promotion came soon after the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) made recommendations to the President following public interviews held in August 2021.[2]

Constantino Chiwenga vs Marry Chiwenga Court Case

Mutevedzi had consented to legalise Marry Mubaiwa and Constantino Chiwenga's marriage during the time he was of ill health.

Munamato Mutevedzi was reported to be the one who solemnised the marriage during the time he was acting Chief Magistrate. On 7 December 2021, Mutevedzi denied having ever solemnised the union. He said:

"I don’t know where the state got that l issued a marriage license. There was no such an application under oath before me. Taking of oath and signing the license was never done as far as l know. A part on marriage cannot consent on behalf of the other part without that person physically on the ground."

Mutevedzi however confirmed that the issue was brought to his office by former judge president George Chiweshe. Mutevedzi said:

"When he made that request, l then said l will personally solemnise that marriage. l took that decision because judges are not marriage officers in Zimbabwe. I had became the highest ranking judicial officer in Zimbabwe and sending any other junior magistrate would have been disrespect to the vice president."

Munamato Mutevedzi told the court that he then requested identity particulars of the couple to marry from Justice Chiweshe and they were brought to his office by a person whom he cannot remember.

He further said there were documents that were needed to be completed under supervision and they were the application for a marriage license, affidavit of the couple consenting to wed.

Mutevedzi said the couple were intended to get married on July 2, 2019, and when he realised that there was information missing about the residential address, he called JSC secretary Walter Chikwana since Mutevedzi thought it was prudent to access those details through Chikwana's office since it was a superior office.

Mutevedzi said on July 2, 2019 he was accompanied by Thembinkosi Msipa of JSC to vice president Chiwenga's residence in Borrowdale Brook.

However, when they arrived at the residence they waited in vain before they decided to go back to their office.

Mutevedzi said two days later he cancelled the application for the marriage license and unissued marriage certificate. He said nobody contacted him until investigations started being made.[3]


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