Munyaradzi Munodawafa
BornMunyaradzi Kufakunesu Munodawafa
Known forBeing a musician.

Munyaradzi Kufakunesu Munodawafa is a Zimbabwean musician. He is well known for the song Shandisa Chipo Chako which made him a household name.


Munodawafa was born in 1988 with an eyesight problem. He went to the United States in 1999 where he spent 14 years before returning to Zimbabwe in 2005.[1] He underwent his first eye operation in the early ’90s with the help of well-wishers. In 2000, he left Zimbabwe for the US for studies where he underwent his second operation and in 2012 he appealed for funding to undergo a third operation.The musician sired a daughter with Felistas Shumba and also has an older daughter with another woman.


He released his first album Mwari Anoona with the hit song in 1998 at the age of 10. He released his album Farai Munashe in 2006 before he disappeared from the music scene. He returned in 2010 with the album Zvinouraya, which received commendable airplay on local radio stations.[1]



  • Mwari Vanoona (1998)
  • Farai Munashe (2006)
  • Zvinouraya (2010)
  • Zvava Zvezodzo (2012)
  • Chikwata Chinokunda (2014)
  • Mwari Vachitiitira Zvakanaka (2017)


Cheating on wife

In 2013, Munodawafa left his wife of five years, Fellistas Shumba, after being caught red-handed in bed with his girlfriend. Shumba said she found him with the girl in bed in their matrimonial home in Masvingo. After being confronted, Munodawafa fled with his girlfriend from his lodgings in Runyararo West. The two relocated to an area known as Sisk.

However, Munodawafa said he was no longer with Shumba and said that she was the one who had had an affair which resulted in them divorcing. Said Munodawafa:

"The girl is my fiancée. I am no longer in love with Fellistas. We separated some time ago and she is trying is to tarnish my image. I left her after I found out that she was having an affair with another man. I told her that I was going to alert our parents, but she discouraged me against it and went to her parents’ home in Harare. After some time, she started nagging me asking to be allowed to come back until she came and caused havoc. The girl is my fiancée.


Domestic Violence

In April 2015, he was summoned to the Harare Civil Court by his ex-wife Felistas Nomsa Shumba who was seeking a protection order against him.The matter was supposed to appear before magistrate Trevor Nyatsanza but was struck off from the roll since both parties were in default. Shumba claimed the musician was in the habit of physically and verbally abusing her and her mother. [3]


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