Murahwa’s Hill Nature Reserve

Murahwa’s Hill Nature Reserve is a tourist attraction.

Why Visit

On the outskirts of the western side of Mutare is the Murahwa's Hill Nature Reserve where archaeological excavations have been carried out in the past. The Ziwa people (200-800 AD) were the first farmers in the area and items of pottery and items recovered from these excavations are displayed in the Mutare Museum. On the south-western part of the hill there is an early Iron Age settlement of the Ziwa Period with a stone-walled settlement higher up that may be associated with the Rozvi Dynasty in its upper levels (Late 17th century)

The hill is named after a Manyika village-head who was the last local occupant of the site and traditionally it was been protected in the past as a place of spirits.

When to visit

All year round Monday to Saturday 8 am to 5 pm.


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