Mutoko Monument/Tere

Mutoko Monument/Tere is a national monument.


Local Budya people believe the ruins were built and occupied in the 1600’s by Makate, a man with powerful charms who used magic to subdue his rivals. Eventually he was overcome by a Chief from the north named Nehoreka, whose sister married Makate, ostensibly to seal a peace deal, but in reality to steal his powerful charms and the source of his power, and as soon as she had done so, she fled back to her brother. Without his charms, Makate was easily subdued by Nehoreka. The Budya people often refer to Mutoko ruins as Tere RaMakate (Makate’s former village)

Selous visited Chief Mutoko in 1891 to get his signature to a treaty of friendship with the BSA Company and Theodore Bent also visited the same year, but apparently Chief Mutoko was not occupying the ruin, as neither reported it.

Why Visit

Small, but very photogenic ruins, commanding an extensive view over the surrounding country from the summit of a small hill, behind which is the huge granite mass of Mtemwa, said to be haunted by a solitary huntsman and his dog.A good Interpretive Centre with examples of local archaeological finds. Easy access and short distance from the A2 Mutoko to Nyamapanda Road. Zimbabwe Monuments, Galleries And Museums