Mzilikazi's Grave

Mzilikazi's Grave is located in Matobo National Park.

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Why Visit

  • Mzilikazi Khumalo is often called the father and first King of the amaNdebele.
  • Within a few years of Mzilikazi’s death an out of control bushfire during Lobengula’s reign burnt the wagons that had been placed in a cave near to Mzilikazi’s burial cave for which its guardians paid dearly.
  • His gravesite at Entumbane was robbed at some early date and then walled and protected by a metal fence probably in the 1960’s; but too late to protect the important artifacts and relics that it had contained, as the reference to the brass arm ring donated to the V&A museum in 1896 illustrates.

When to visit

All year around



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